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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

1byone Digital HDTV OTA Antenna and Signal Booster Review and Setup (Video)

Cable cutting has been a major goal for many people. Getting the "over the air" antenna is a good way to start. It's literally the one service the government makes sure you get absolutely free. 

The FCC since 2007 has mandated that television networks all over the United States start broadcast high-quality digital signals OTA. They also encouraged television manufactures to design their televisions to except the free digital broadcast

You can actually get a coupon for a free digital tuner box if you're older television isn't equipped to do so.

You can use pretty much any antenna, depending on where you live and how far away you are from the towers

1byone makes an antenna that has a 60mile range that is amplified to boost your signal and give you the best chance for success. 

In the video below from my YouTube channel, AskUncleDave , i review this product, install, and show you all the channels I get

Seeing is believing. If you've never seen in person an over the air television station broadcasted in HD, you haven't seen real HD. This is because the cable companies compress the signal so they can deliver multiple services like television telephone and Internet service.

With antennas you get a uncompressed full digital signal through your coax cable that makes details Pop

You can find the products I review in the video by clicking on the following links

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