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Friday, January 29, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Apple TVOS 9 2 without Paid Developer Acct + Review

In order to get your hands on the latest Apple TV, TVOS Developer beta 9.2 you need to be a paid developer. $99 bucks a year.

What if you want to use the new features like Podcast, Folders, Bluetooth Keyboard Support as well as having siri speak other languages? you have to wait until the public release and who knows when that will happen.

The good news is that you can use itunes and upgrade the ipsw today. providing you have great web surfing skills and find a site , most likely a foreign site to get the firmware download

I wont provide the link to the site directly but in the video ill show you what to do when you get one.

What i will tell you is to Google search the build number not the Name itself. Find build number on TVOS Developer Site

You will also see, watching the video, all the new feature, in detail so you can decide if your willing to do the upgrade.

Watch the video below for all the important details

Bluetooth Keyboard works great with Apple TV 4

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

VLC App Apple TV 4, URL Stream, Offline Playback, and Subtitles Support

If you are a cable-cutter and you download, stream and rip all of your media content then VLC is great Media Player for you

VLC is a media player that plays almost any video format like avi, mkv, mp4, m3u8 and more. If you stream from a web server or a url that is a direct link to a video, vlc can do this.

When you need a subtitle in multiple languages, VLC holds your hand and gives you easy access to this feature using

I have been using the VLC Mac app for years and when ever someone asks i highly recommend it
The VLC app has come to the Apple TV 4 Appstore and the love affair deepens.

 A couple of clicks of the Siri Remote and we are in business

Vlc version 1.0.0 (100.7) is a free open source cross platform Media Player that you can play all of your video format without worrying about converting them to what the ATV can play

The best features of this ATV app is being able to actually Transfer a video ,via a web browser on your PC, to your apple TV hard drive for offline use.

You can also plug in a URL to a live or recorded web video to play back directly on your ATV. An example of this is streaming m3u8's from my Tablo or steaming from such sites as iDevcreation's TVLand and Movieland (see Video)

Please Watch the Video Below. In the video i go into detail about the VLC for the Apple TV 4 app

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Life time Membership seen in Video:



$9.99 Each site. I Recommend it 

*Get a Pre-paid Visa gift card from CVS for $25 bucks to pay for services above. This way you don't give out your own credit card numbers

Disclaimer: downloading and streaming of Media is illegal so you should use at your own risk. i am not responsible for any of your action here forward. 

Thank you!/Dave01568

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan 7 2016 Whats On Apple TV AppStore

This is Part Two 1/7/2016

In Case you still haven’t Purchased An Apple TV 4 or your wondering What the Latest Apps that are Available on The AppStore. Watch This Video.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pinewood Derby The Science Winning Cars and Tips

There is a science to a winning Pinewood Derby Car. 

Your Scout pac leader hands you a box and inside that box is a block of wood, 4 wheels, and 4 nails. 
You Say to yourself, What the fudge do you want me to do with this? 

Its not as straight forward as you think. not all of us parents are carpenters and certainly not craftsmen

I have been building Pinewood cars for years. the first year i didn't know all the secrets to make a winning car

After 5 Years i'm ready to show you what i know and provide you with the links to tools to help you out