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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Easy install Kodi,livebox,StreamCenter,Provenance,tvOSBrowser and...

Apple, Since the release of Apple TV 4 has let developers 

side-load apps

onto their ATV devices(TVOS). They always allowed 

developers, on any apple OS,co-Sign apps so testing of 

Apps can be done by other individuals on there devices. 

TestFlight, UDID Co-sign, and Xcode Sharing is the way they share.

iPwnStore takes advantage of such sharing. The owner of

 this site take advantage of this and give permission to

 paying customers to install apps via the devices UDID

 (uniqueUser Device identification) 

recently we used a bogus developer account to use

Xcode,appSigner and other Apps to side-load apps we want

 that are not available or approved by Cupertino

In the video below i'll show you how to use the service and

Install Kodi, Live Box TV, Safari, Web Browser, Games Boy

 Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo & Sega Emulators apps

 and more, right on your on Apple TV 4 using

cosigning via 

We will side-load the pre-signed and downloaded app using 

iFunbox App on a Mac or Windows PC

You need an USB-C cable to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C  to sideload from PC to ATV4

Here is whats currently available

 Watch the Detail Step-BY-Step Video Below for Details

iPwnStore Apple TV 4 Link

iFunBox Windows & Mac

GBA, GBC, SNES, NES & Sega Roms

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