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Thursday, April 21, 2016

John deere D140 12volt Power Socket Detailed Install easy

I have owned John Deere Rider Lawn Mowers for over 12 years. I have over two acres to mow and its always nice to have my music to keep me entertained. It takes me two hours but my phone runs out of battery quick or i have to make sure i have a pretty full battery before i start.

On my First John Deere, the L120 i had a power socket to charge on board. The new John Deere , The D140 doesn't come with the power socket as a Standard Feature.

So i'm going to show your how to install one yourself. Its actually very easy to do. 

In the video below i show you all the Parts and tools you need. Its a very Detailed video and when your done watching you will have the confidence and the knowledge to take on the project yourself

Enjoy and thanks for visiting

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

PopcornTime App on Apple TV 4 !

Popcorntime torrent streaming app makes its way, via open source to the Apple TV 4. Popcorntime allows you to watch in realtime, torrents. torrents are multi part, multi source file that you can watch as they download

There are two ways to side-load an app on ATV 4.  It's either the long way by building with Apples xcode which is a lengthy multi step nightmare or by using a services that co-sign Apps so tha install 3rd party apps on the ATV.  A service like iPwnStore is one such service i use to make it easy.

The two latest Apps to drop on iPwnStore are PopcornTime and an old School Game Emulator call MaMe.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Apple VS OLUOQI Apple Watch Link Bracelet

The OULUOQI  is the best Apple Watch Link Bracelet for its Price. I have seen many knockoffs in my day, but nothing that could match the quality that Apple Strives for until now

 The OULUOQI Link Bracelet is practically a perfect clone but instead of paying $600 plus you only pay $99,Tax free and with Free shipping

 Apple's Link Bracelet
The OULUOQI Link Bracelet 

 OULUOQI doesn't just make Link bracelet. they have many watch bands and straps for the Apple Watch like the 

Milanese Loop Strap Magnetic Closure

Leather Loop with Magnetic Closure Strap Bracelet

There are option to get the straps in 42mm and 38mm.

There are very subtle differences that i show you in the video comparison below. be sure to watch it

 All i know is there is going to be one more watch band in the return bin at my nearest Apple store. I'm sticking with  The OULUOQI Link Bracelet 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Whats on Apple TV 4 Appstore ? as of April 4, 2016

If you want to know what's on the Apple TV 4 Appstore before you decide what Streaming TV box you'll get , watch the video below. i break it down alphabetically. Featured and Top Charts

Is it worth Getting an Apple TV 4 ? Is your App offered? i like to know your wish list . Please comment!

Thank you!/Dave01568

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