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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Apple TV tvOS 10.1 Beta 3 gets TV App hands on plus more

Its sad how greedy the entertainment Business is. Can you blame them? It's a multi trillion Dollar money maker. Apple is in the business of making money themselves and it seems The TV app is Apples answer to "Where is Apple's TV service" 

The problem is that Apple has unfair business terms like 30% cut and another 30% or more for in app subscriptions . Apple wants studios to come running with their product, that they have been printing money with ,comfortably since the beginning of the century .

Apple did revolutionize the music business and i think it was because the digital format was new and they had a great product like the ipod and later an iPhone that is an ipod that you can make calls with.

Today, everyone has a TV box to sell you. Everyone has already made deals with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to deliver your entertainment needs. 

Although the Apple TV box is a great device,  it is not as revolutionary as Apple may think. So apple needs to consider lowering their Profit margin in order to succeed.

In tvOS 10.1 beta one Apple fixed up the apple tv to have single sign on. this enables the user to put their Cable companys credentials into setting and have Streaming apps automatically sign you in 

In beta 3 we got the "TV App" . This unremovable app essentially organizes the streaming apps you have installed into one place . Not all apps are included but its a good start. 

Guess if Apple improves their experience than maybe studios and services may be inclined to join in. 

Figure it like this, Its a bird making a colorful nest to attract a mate then killing them off like a black widow spider. No body is that stupid anymore. 

I have to pat Apple on the back for trying. Good luck Apple

Watch the detail video to get a more detailed view of the TV app. 

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